Orange you glad you read this?

The end of summer is fast approaching, so on to the next step. Painting. First the car was stripped back down removing everything that is feasible to remove. Then another round of final sanding and then into the makeshift paint booth. Taping is one of the most time consuming jobs of this process as you can tell from the pictures. It took about 2 days for this. Next another scuff of the existing primer/paint/whatever and a thourough cleaning with wax and grease remover. Last night, I setup the paint gun and air filter setup and primered the entire car with the gray primer with 2 heavy coats. I have never painted before, so I was very happy with the outcome. I only had one small run on the entire car. Not bad. This morning, I was back at it. First, sanding down every paint nib I could find and that run. Then another cleaning with wax/grease remover and it was on for the main event. Hugger Orange paint in 2 more coats was sprayed on and now it is curing. I didn’t see any runs or major issues, however I had several drops of sweat drip down into the wet paint while painting. They will need some sanding at least. It is very hot in a full body paint suit and chemical gloves…. Once done, another round of wet sanding and polishing and then re-assembly can be done. Almost 2 years ago I started on this mission and now the end is in sight. My original plan and schedule estimate was for this painting to happen in July. I just made August, so not bad given everything that needed to be done. Another post or two, and we will have the “after” pictures which will wrap up this project.

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